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“CAPITALIST” You are the only master of your own time

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Who is Michele Maria Casorati? The answer is simple: he’s a painter. It is more difficult to know him.

This painter is only known for his paintings (and prices) that are appreciated worldwide. However, it is more difficult to know him. More difficult, however, that one has the chance to know him in the flesh.

Like many characters such as Greta Garbo and other rare contemporary Artists, the painter chose not to appear in public. 

Starting in 2018, Michele Maria Casorati’s exhibitions are making a world tour through exclusive and personalized invitations: The exhibition-event in Dubai, in collaboration with the concessionaire of Rolls-Royce and Bugatti, was held on November 8th; As well as the exhibition-event held on November 18th (attended by Antonio Tajani) In Milan, Monte Napoleone, the fashion street; as well as the exhibition-event of Rome, in Via Condotti, held on December 16 and also the exhibition held in Switzerland in Saint Moritz, on February 4.

& NOW…. The Artist is back to the scene with a new challenge.

Twenty-four years later.

Michele Maria Casorati’s limited edition art-jewels were presented to the world on February 29th at the prestigious Grand Hotel Vienna: CAPITALIST is an 18k gold jewel-watch that is both precious and refined, sensual and unique. The only watch in the world that is not equipped with a mechanism, guaranteed for life, whose manufacture is handmade and of the highest quality, Inside the dial of the watch-jewel are diamonds positioned according to the futuristic vision of the Artist engraved with his prestigious signature, 100% made in Italy, with an unstoppable charm of richness but, at the same time, a timeless elegance.

If walking through the streets of many cities in Europe you have seen the manifesto of “capitalist”, reproduced below, now you know why.

By express wish of the Artist was not made a mass advertising campaign but went further by means of an “image campaign”: a photo without writings, where the protagonist is only the art-jewel masterpiece.

The few who do not know him are not meant for “capitalist”.

This jewel is thought ultra millionaire people who do not need to look at the watch as they are themselves masters of their own time.

The art-jewel masterpiece is not marketed in Italy, the Artist has chosen “not to win easy”, being famous could be simple but being known around the globe is the real challenge, the futuristic vision of the Artist is to get to the world.

Indeed, as Balzac said: There is beauty in genius that resembles the whole world, and that no one resembles it; wisdom is more easily found in one man alone than in a whole nation.

Photo: CAPITALIST, art-jewel masterpiece

The butterfly synonymous with absolute freedom, the cascading diamonds on the case provide the CAPITALIST art-jewel masterpiece a unique refinement that few other jewels in the world have been able to equal.

The price? We are talking about six-figure figures.

Those who have chosen and continue to choose “capitalist” – a jewel without borders and gender distinction – are whimsical, avant-garde, citizens of the world, members of exclusive clubs, endowed with style and a winning personality, a protagonist in the most varied professional fields.

Not for nothing, CAPITALIST art-jewel masterpiece has been defined by critics as the jewel just “for nr. 1 only”. There is no store authorized to sell, the CAPITALIST art-jewel masterpiece is not bought, it is conquered and only through authorized sales representatives, with relatively long waiting times.

Only powerful people have the right keys to get what they want.

According to statistical research carried out in the world there are 2,640 billionaires with a total wealth value of 12,200 billion and only 100 people can conquer the CAPITALIST limited edition. The Professor Mr. Egidio Eleuteri, born in Rome, internationally respected art historian, consultant professor at the University of Freiburg and associate professor at the University of Oradea, as well as author of over 230 publications dedicated in particular to Italian nineteenth century artists, and also “spiritual father” and mentor of the Artist Michele Maria CASORATI has edited for the Artist his publications and exhibitions around the world, all focused on the vision of the future of the Artist “you have to talk about your particular to be universal”.

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